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67 Mustang
1970 Dodge Challenger
1972 Cuda
69 Cutlass
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72 Pantera
Maserati 3200
Porsche 993 Carrera
Ferrari 456 GTA

Ordering from Muscle Car Technology Ltd.

If you are interested in ordering a specific type of vehicle that we do not have in stock, there are a few things you should be aware of. The entire process can take up to 8 weeks from you requesting our services to taking delivery of your car. It is important to realise that in order for us to acquire a vehicle for you, we have to source and then buy the vehicle outright in the USA. Consequently, you will not get to see the vehicle until it reaches the UK but you will have entered into a contract to make a purchase.

A certain amount of trust is required on your part that we will deliver a vehicle to you that meets your specification. We only look for cars that meet or exceed the customer's expectations (within the customer's budget)and we have never had a disappointed customer. We ask for a deposit when we set the process in motion, and we will have agreed on what vehicle you want, the age, colour, specification and quality. We look for cars that match your wishlist. If we find any close alternatives, we will contact you to let you know. You can then give consideration to these alternatives if you wish. You may be looking for a showroom example or a car suitable for restoration. We will endeavour to provide you with a vehicle for your purposes and budget.

When the car has been acquired, it is then subject to transit by sea and subsequent import procedures. The car is thoroughly checked before departure and we then transport the vehicle to our premises. We rarely ship a vehicle on its own, so there may be a delay while we obtain more vehicles to fill our consignment space. Once in the UK the vehicle will need to be registered with the DVLA and we take care of all these procedures including a full years tax and MOT. It is then a case of you completing the purchase and the vehicle is yours! We can even take care of the maintenance at very reasonable rates.